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Speaker/s not working?

If you are experiencing an issue with your speaker, such as: Not turning on No sound coming out Bluetooth not connecting Begin by confirming that the power switch to the speaker is turned to the “on” position. The switch is located on the right side of the amplifier behind the seat, and if the control […]

My Phat Ride is squeaking

Routine maintenance Routine maintenance will prolong the life of your unit and its smaller components, such as bushings and seals. Lubricate and clean your Phat’s critical areas after each ride or if squeaking is heard while riding. Turning the “windows”, the brake calipers will give better access to spray brake cleaner on the brake pads. […]

Error Codes

The G3 is equipped with an onboard diagnostic system and can display four different error codes for crucial components. (Please refer to page 27 of the owners manual.) G3 User Manuel Throttle error is displayed or no response? If the throttle is not responding, ensure the brake levers are being reset fully and pressing on […]

Issue with display function and/or indicators?

My unit turns on, but nothing appears on display? Remove the two Phillips screws to the display shroud and inspect the single connector. If the display issue persists, remove the breastplate, and examine the connection where the controller and display meet internally. My battery gauge is not depleting? Fully charge the unit and take a […]

Headlight Not Working?

Headlight not functioning? If the headlight LED illuminates on the control when pressed and the headlight is still not on, ensure the wire has no tears or kinks. If the wire is not damaged and the headlight is still inoperable, remove the breastplate and inspect the wire and connector internally. Does the headlight remain on? […]

Brake Issues

Is the brake kill switch error code displayed? The icon will display every time the brake is applied; this tells the controller to cut the power to the throttle and motor, reducing speed. If the code is displayed with brake levers in the “neutral” position, ensure the brake levers are being reset fully and pressing […]

Tire and Wheel Issues

Scooter Bouncing? If experiencing “bouncing” while riding, overinflate the tires to 35 PSI and leave until a minimum of 10 miles have been put on them. Once complete, lower the PSI to 25 and test. Tires Losing Air? If tires are losing psi consistently without a visual puncture, we recommend removing the valve core, inserting […]

Charger Related Issues

Not charging/Headlight Flicker when charging? Keep in mind that if the battery is fully charged, the light on the charger will remain green until the battery has been used. If the unit is not charging, ensure the light turns green when plugged into an outlet. Once verified, plug the charger into the unit, and the […]

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