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Brake Issues

Is the brake kill switch error code displayed?

The icon will display every time the brake is applied; this tells the controller to cut the power to the throttle and motor, reducing speed. If the code is displayed with brake levers in the “neutral” position, ensure the brake levers are being reset fully and pressing on the kill switch. If it is not being pushed in, remove the Phillips screw from underneath the kill switch and realign positioning.

Lack of pressure?

Begin by inspecting the fluid reservoir windows located on the front of the master cylinders on each side. You can also remove the top two Phillips screws on the cover to inspect and refill if necessary. If the brake system is not pressurizing, you may need to shim the brakes instead. Start by squeezing the brake handle and removing the two 6mm caliper bolts. Once removed, you will notice space on either the top mounting hole or the bottom; this is where a brake shim would need to be inserted.




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