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Not charging/Headlight Flicker when charging?

Keep in mind that if the battery is fully charged, the light on the charger will remain green until the battery has been used. If the unit is not charging, ensure the light turns green when plugged into an outlet. Once verified, plug the charger into the unit, and the green light from the charger should turn green; if it has not, there may be a break between the charge port and battery connection. Remove the battery cover beneath the footboard and ensure the yellow battery XT90 plugs are connected, and the wires are in good condition without any exposed wires. If the unit is still not charging, remove the breastplate and ensure proper connections from the charge port to the controller. If the problem persists, a multimeter can be used to voltage test the battery, battery pigtail, and charger to narrow down where the signal is not reaching.

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