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Headlight Not Working?

Headlight not functioning?

If the headlight LED illuminates on the control when pressed and the headlight is still not on, ensure the wire has no tears or kinks. If the wire is not damaged and the headlight is still inoperable, remove the breastplate and inspect the wire and connector internally.

Does the headlight remain on?

If the headlight stays on after the unit is turned off, the relay beneath the battery cover will need to be replaced. If this occurs, please disconnect the battery manually after riding.

Wiring Headlight to “On/Off” function

Note this will eliminate the constant low beam on, and pressing the headlight control will make the low and high come on simultaneously.

If you wish to wire your headlight to a single beam, disconnect the battery, find the headlight connector harness behind the breastplate, and jump the white wire into the red.

Headlight and other accessories are not operable

If the headlight, turn signals, and horn are not operable, you must remove the breastplate and replace the 12v convertor.



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